We do the whole deal.

We want purchasing a car to be as simple as picking one out. When you retain our services, we navigate the long, winding road between you and your new vehicle. We keep you out of the dealership for as long as we can and out of the hot seat entirely. No haggle, no hassle–just a fair deal for a flat rate.
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What's included:

  • Time Saved

    Most people spend an average of 10 hours researching cars and then three hours in the dealership on top of that. Our car consultants know that your time is valuable. We cut through the clutter to expedite the entire process for you.

  • A Better Deal

    We know the ins and outs of a dealership. We negotiate better prices or better financing terms to lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Professional Service

    Buying a car is second only to buying a home. Just as you turn to a real estate agent to manage the selection and closing process, let us advise and negotiate your car purchase.

  • Total Fairness

    We represent you–not a dealer and not a manufacturer. As we negotiate values and warranties, everything is handled with your best interests in mind.

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4 easy steps.
1 flat rate.

A person dialing a phone to call Tailored Auto

You’ll retain us.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll ask about the vehicle you want and a few other points: purchasing versus leasing, trade-in values and optional coverages the dealer may offer.

A car bought using Tailored Auto

We’ll do the legwork.

The hunt is on. After you retain our services, we’ll locate the vehicle you want–right down to the minor details. If a dealer has it or can get it, we’ll negotiate an offer.

A person signing papers with the help of Tailored Auto

We’ll talk you through it.

Decision time. We’ll present you with offers from anonymous dealers and walk through the pros and cons of each. You’ll know exactly what you’re buying and how it’s valuable.

A man driving a car bought using Tailored Auto

You’ll sign and drive.

Once you feel comfortable accepting an offer, we’ll direct you to the dealer to sign all the paperwork and finalize the deal. Congratulations, you just bought a new car in less time with zero haggling.

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We’ll take it from here.

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