Buying or leasing a car takes a lot out of you: your time, your patience and your financial acumen. On top of it all, it leaves you with a feeling of uncertainty when the deal is done. Did you really get a fair deal, or were you willing to sign anything just to get in your new car and on your way?

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Comprehensive Service

Picking out your car is only half the battle–maybe even less. Before you sign on the dotted line, there’s a lot to consider: purchase or lease, trade in or sell, extended warranty or maintenance plans. Where other buying or pricing services promise to solve part of this puzzle, we’re here to solve the whole puzzle for you and advise you on every aspect.

Expert Knowledge

We have held top-level positions at dealers. We understand how they operate and, more importantly, how they negotiate. Our knowledge and experience guide our process as we pursue better deals for our clients.

Professional Representation

We’re sure a car dealership is the last place you want to spend your afternoon. When you retain our services, we take on all the negotiations for you. We give you back your time and save you money. That’s our deal.

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